Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going swimming......really?

One person was swept into a river and remained missing and thousands more were without power in Quebec and the Maritime provinces as post-tropical storm Irene continued to wreak havoc. In New Brunswick, More than 50,000 were without electricity Monday morning. The hardest hit area was around Fredericton, where more than 13,000 customers were without power. Coastal Nova Scotia was also afflicted. Here a man wades into the waves of a storm surge at Lawrencetown beach, Nova Scotia, Aug. 29.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Confusion abounds.....but God

If one was confused about the path to Jesus, the funeral for Jack Layton might not shed any light on it. Although it was beautiful, enthusiastic and gut-wrenching at times, it was more of a political rally than a celebration of what is promised to those who love the Lord. It confused me and I thought I was pretty clear on things of that nature. Spirituality is a whole ball of tangled yarn to a messy world. I pray Jack finds himself in that promised place of perfection.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

All the world is a stage......

I am incredibly bad at keeping my ambitions to have this blog current.
I have come to a real desperate place in my life. I pass a lot of it off as middle age crazy......but God does have other ways for me to resolve some of the burning issues of my life. I have a real inclination to be distrustful of the masses around me. Everywhere around me is such dishonesty and disrespect and agenda playing that I basically do not believe anyone can or does tell the truth. Life is a big stage that the players are so badly broken that they never get to the real thing, the One thing. Talk is big and actions are bigger. The fault lies within us and around us. Back to the Garden, back to the Fall........the slithery snake of lies and deceit....I am resolved to be unresolved always. I am also the broken.....and the stage feels very awkward ....Sometimes I want no part of it and other times I wish I was a part of it, for lack of something different or of something more, of something real and honest. Is it out there......?