Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jim Palmer

This quote is from Jim Palmer and his article from Relevant Magazine on becoming a "somebody". I am so impressed by his understanding that a "divine nobody", is where it is at! Check it out for more good thoughts! His book Divine Nobodies despite the fact that being a successful author is irrelevant to his true identity (I love that) is a good one. I have been blessed both by his books and thoughts on his blog.

I can't totally root for Relevant Magazine despite the great articles and thoughts they convey because there tends to be a bias against unamerican content especially when it comes to submission of articles for consideration from Canadian "authors". However that being you think I have had some experience in that? :) It is a good thing that I too am unfazed by their rules and guidelines and know that a magazine doth not make me any more or less determined to let His thoughts through me be known, despite the fact they gladly sell their great magazine to Canadians and at a pretty penny might I add. However, I digress. Check out the magazine if you so choose....on-line is a great start :)

Jim's Quote

"It also occurred to me that if “God is love,” and I am an image or reflection of God, then likewise I am love. Maybe living out my spiritual identity is simply being love. It’s not so much what I do, but whatever I’m doing that I am being love. Paul said that even great faith and sacrifice have no value apart from love. Perhaps the purpose of my human journey is to turn love inside out: to receive, accept and depend upon God’s love for me, and allow this love to be expressed as me. No more striving, no more burden to become a “somebody,” no more fear of God’s displeasure or disapproval—just resting and abiding in and being love."

Jim's blog

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