Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Tool in the Hand of God

Good ole Walking Church/Meeting of One sent me this (well this is part of what was sent) timely indeed!

A Sparkling Gem from Sparks, himself.

"What we want to say is, that God Himself will do His work. It cannot be done through our trying to do it. To ask Him to help us to do His work is a great mistake. If it is the Lord's work, then it is HE who is doing it.. He never gives His own work into our hands. The Lord does not give His work to you or to me. We are but His employees, like the workman who uses his tools. A tool never thinks out what it should do. It simply yields to the hand of its master. He has the plan. He has the skill and the strength, and the tool is only expressing what is in the mind of the workman. The responsibility lies with HIM. The tool is only allowed to do what the master wants to do through his instrument. Imagine an instrument getting up in the morning determined to do this or that, hoping the master would help it. This is not the right attitude. Let us think of the tool which takes this attitude and says: "Now Master, you know what you will do. You have the plan. You know how you will work, and at what time You will do it. I am here at Your disposal. I am willing to serve You in any way You please. I am altogether consecrated to You and Your purpose. I look to You concerning the work which lies before us. You must be the wisdom, the strength and the power of endurance behind me. If I should become blunt You can sharpen me again. Everything depends upon You, but I am One with You."

(I have always liked the watering can illustration, myself, given to me by one of my very first real and Truth-based mentors, but this works just as well.)


Joel B. said...

Reminds me of the prayer, "Lord, bless our efforts." LOL :)

Yep indeed, we're truly vessels and it's HIS work that He's doing. We get the joy and privilege of partaking in what He's doing, but it's always His work.

Walking Church said...