Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why Denominations Cannot Complete the Great Commission

I really enjoyed reading this post written by David Watson and introduced to me from Guy's Blog as well. Guy has a unique and constantly evolving thought on living from God and I respect those thoughts. Always a joy to read and discover what is happening in their particular corner of the world.


In Christ Alone said...

Just to clarify for some of you out there in the blogging world. David Watson wrote the article on his blog that is linked to the post. Guy is the one who posted it on his blog where I first saw it and is the man who I admire and enjoy reading. He features many blog authors and interesting stories and it is a joy and a priveledge to read his blog and hear of other writers with real things to say about this world we find ourselves in.

No confusion, I hope,

In Him,


GuyMuse said...

I too enjoyed David Watson´s post. David is one of those rare individuals who have actually been part of a genuine Church Planting Movement (CPM) where literally thousands upon thousands of churches are planted and tens of thousands come to Christ. I want to learn from these people. Thanks for reposting!