Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to Crabb

My temporary busyness and craziness took me away from some of the routines of my day and now fortunately I am getting back to some time of my own. I continue in reading some of the books that were left at the wayside during that busy time.
Crabb's book "Becoming a True Spiritual Community" is one such book. I have come to a Tozer quote about mystics....I will now continue to find out what Crabb says about "choosing the path of mysticism and what can pour out of us into others" ....Cool eh? The quote below....hmmm resonates within me.

"The "mystic" refers to that personal spiritual experience common to the saints of Bible times and well known to multitudes of persons in the post-Biblical era. I refer to the evangelical mystic who has been brought by the gospel into intimate fellowship with the Godhead. His theology is no less and no more than is taught in the Christian Scriptures. He differs from the ordinary orthodox Christian only because he experiences his faith down in the depths of his sentient being while the other does not. He is quietly, deeply and sometimes almost ecstatically aware of the Presence of God in his own nature and in the world around him. His religious experience is something elemental, as old as time and the creation. It is immediate acquaintance with God by union with the Eternal Son. It is to know that which passes knowledge." (from The Christian Book of Mystical Verse by Tozer.)

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