Friday, August 24, 2007

Ouch...Mr. Tozer

Talkin' about 'witnessing' just yesterday, and how some would just run you over with it, I still believe we are called to witness by going and being...not just by saying and doing..... and here is what Tozer says to me today.

"Too much of our Christian witnessing is unconvincing because we have not been convinced. We are ineffectual because we have not yet capitulated to the Lord from glory. It is like the proselyte making proselytes....

Perhaps this is happening because we are trying to plan how everything should happen. Everyone of us reads a little how-to book on witnessing. We try to do it the way we have been taught. But it is perfunctory and without any contagious element. If angels can weep, they must weep salty tears upon seeing a proselyte who has never really met the Lord making another proselyte who will also never meet the Lord. Faith Beyond Reason, pp. 101-102

"Out of the abundance of a heart filled with love for You let me speak today. Let me see You this morning in a way that will cause me to leave this prayer time with a renewed passion to minister. Amen."

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