Friday, October 05, 2007

God Will Reign Down Sweet Rest 'Til We Fly Away

Signature Sound - Gotta Love This!


Joel Brueseke said...

Hey there! You are one of five people who I'm tagging. I think it will be fun if you participate in this tag, but I realize that this particular tag may be a bit time consuming, so don't worry if you don't have the time nor desire to participate. But have fun if you do! To find out what it's all about, see here.

By the way, I had planned on coming to your area next week to meet with some people, and I had hoped on perhaps meeting you and some of the other members of the motley crue up there, ;), but I'm not able to make it. I do hope to visit with you all someday, whether it's down here or beyond the blue. :)

In Christ Alone said...

Joel, looking forward to it... :)
In Him

GuyMuse said...

Great song!