Monday, October 22, 2007

"Pray for me"

Life has been a little overwhelming (again), as of late. The two previous posts speak to me about the real purpose of all of this. I am so glad that God is here on earth! I think it has been "hell" but in a world without God, without (as Max would say), the touch of Jesus....the world would be in a word....hell.

It seems that I have been having some major attacks of the evil one, all around me; physically, spiritually, emotionally, every 'ally' really that you can think of ....BUT, and certainly not in my own strength, I have been able to keep my eyes on Jesus, throughout each moment of each day....ok, that is not true...but most moments and at the end of the day, they always return to rest upon Him.

Specifically, my sister has been struggling health wise with the aggravation and removal of a brain tumour since well, July..... she is looking at a third operation to be decided this week. It has been very difficult for all of us to be there for her, with life's committments pressing in as well. She is a single woman, only two years older than myself...and so we rally to be there as much as possible and also to take our parents to see her in hospital as well.

There are other issues as well, really too numerous to bring forward and some are sensitive to some of the members of the family but that is neither here or there, as I know Who is in control of all things and sees even the darkest places within each of our lives and loves us despite those things. The Love, He is has sustained me. However, in an effort to stand and stand in the Strength of the only One who I can stand in....and to no longer be concerned with the excess attention, the liar, and master of deception has decided to give to me.....and to stand strong in the Light, I ask as the song by Signature Sound below says very clearly "Pray for me", and I will do the same for all of you who stop by and visit this unkempt and random blog of thoughts of the saints.

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mike said...

thanks for sharing what's going on... i'll be praying for you