Thursday, February 14, 2008

His Perfect Love

I was going to leave a post about how much I dislike Valentine's Day, redness and hearts and lace and materialism and having to have a reason to show love, and how disappointing so many Valentine's Days have been and chocolates...oh I do love the chocolate thing, but as all things must fade away so did chocolate.....but instead, He showed me something this morning.....and I know it is so true for you too.......Have a day full of Love.

"May you always know that you are smack dab in the middle of His Love and Purpose."

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Walking Church said...

HIS love is pure and absolute.
His Valentine is the only one that really counts.

How can come close?

I find my beef is with Christmas, but Valentines Day and any other manufactured date is a cop out for loving and celebrating all year around.

I think these dates are a planned conspiracey by Christian book dealers...giggle...

X0X0X0 from Him through Me to You...L0L