Sunday, February 17, 2008

In The Remembering

One of the ways I needed to get out of God’s way today (seems to be a theme in my life), was to come to the Lord's table. I did this alone today. I wish there had been others. It was not meant to be today. It is here, at His Table, that I was able to remember once again who I was and whose I am. It is here that I remembered whose Life is lived in and through me and why and when that happened and just how much I am loved as Jesus sacrificed His life, for me and not just me but everyone. It is here where I remember the Resurrection as well and what He is so pleased to begin to see in me because it comes from Him.... Life. Love. Mercy. Justice. Peace. Patience. Acceptance. And so much more. There is a lot of other stuff that maybe He sees in me....but He does not focus on that...He sees my perfection in Him. The Lord's Table today....a powerful place to be.

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Walking Church said...

I wish I had been with your meeting of one. Sounds like you did not dine alone dear sis.

He knows our heart and it sounds like He was jealously spending it with you.