Saturday, December 13, 2008

About Worship


Walking Church said...

I am sorry - could only get half way through this video...I think the problem is that most churches do not let you get through to where He is the leader of His Church....just me.

In Christ Alone said...

Seeing as this video was only half the time it did ok. This video spoke to me....not necessarily about the church building...but about worship...wherever that finds you worshiping and I got the feel that its focus was totally on Jesus...not on is too easy to look at the type or order of service or stage presentation and like or dislike...but the point is that wherever you are in gathering together....placing God above all else and simply gazing at Jesus with our "stuff" put at His feet....nothing bad about that kind of participation in worship....just me. Focus is on Him alone and not myself or anyone else for that matter.

In Him,

Walking Church said...

I guess there are those who have not claimed Him to be their life.