Saturday, December 13, 2008

Clear the Stage - Ross King


Walking Church said...

Personally I hate the word 'revival'.

It has the sense that God has left for a bit and then come back again....this is not what I have experienced...he has never left me nor forsake me.

I can see a movement of God...but never Revival...

Do you really believe He revives something?

In Christ Alone said...

I do think God can revive a lot of deadness out there. Like, I am dead to myself and alive in Him but you know some people are just dead even though they live. I do not look at the word revival as a bad thing when put in my context. He can bring a deeper sense of Himself within me when I am lacking that because of the idols that I put in front of Him within me...this time of year is perfect to think about this. You can sing all that you want, talk all you want church all that you want...but again the focus of this video to that worship is the more than all of that....wherever you are....sometimes the silence of time away from the gathering of the saints is just what the Doctor ordered. That is worship at its ultimate to me, but I am finding that I can take that with me wherever I go and of course not just on Sunday, but everyday.

Revival, yep.....He revives me to a place that is within me that is Him, when I let the flesh step in and screw with everything...He breathes into that again and reminds me....just who it is that I am - in Him.

Revival to me is personal - so I just see it different. The great "revivals" of the past .... individuals opening up their hearts to Him .... I am working through that kind of corporate raining down of the Spirit....but I know that sometimes the connotation of words gets in the way of the moving of Him within the individual. I try to open myself up to all kinds of ways that He will manifest Himself to me and within me....because I am kinda slow at picking up His nudgings at times and He must bring me back to that place that is Him as my Life....I get in the way far too often.
I want to be open to His leadings and sometimes He needs to revive me to that place.

Do I believe He revives something....I count on it in my imperfect world.

In Him,

Walking Church said...

ICA - I am going to be blunt.

Crucifixion does not revive anyone - it kills the old man. You were born again sister - not revived.

Lazarus was revived. I am not sure that was a big favour by Jesus.

You are being transformed into His likeness - not revived into it.