Monday, March 02, 2009


This quote has resonated with me since I read it. Isn't that thought just remarkable? I mean the worst act of their life....I have done a lot of terrible things.....some have done worse, some have done less...but to God we are worth so much more than that particular action. I love this thought and it addresses the whole what or who I am versus what I do philosophy that has taught me much about the Grace and Love of an Awesome Father. I mean, just apply that statement to your own life. Who but Jesus? No one is excluded!

Quote brought to light to me From Mike at on coffee

len sweet posts this great quote via twitter
"People are worth more than the worst act of their life."
Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man Walking,
on the worth of every human being.

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two and a half fish guy said...

To God we are valuable and loved. When we think otherwwise, then we are deceived and we know who the deceiver is...

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