Monday, March 09, 2009

The Theme is Rain

We have had much rain. Family and friend's basements or basement apartments are flooding and just really making things difficult for everyone. I live on the eighth floor and I still have trouble with rain and windows. Rain can be an interesting and inconvenient thing, eh? Rain can be a truly awesome and beautiful thing as well as noted in the video above.

Some people look for rain from God by way of I guess His Holy Spirit for refreshment as do parched, barren and dry arid lands look for rain for relief. It does not always come.

So circumstances dictate to us the need for rain. Or is the rain an answer to anything spiritual at all? Some have said we need not ask for an anointing or a drenching of the Holy Spirit because everything is already there waiting to be called upon, if you are a child of the King.

There have been some sadnesses of late. Deaths of friends, sicknesses, difficult we look for the rain....or do we know that the Creator of the rain and all other things is in control. The basements will dry out....the barren lands may see some moistening. Will our lives, minds and hearts be renewed by the knowledge that God is in Control and in Jesus, is our Life and all rainstorms have a purpose, unknown by us at times....but a Heavenly purpose nonetheless. Cry out to Him, cry for the rain to fall on crusted lands and dry-bone hearts, by all means....but if you know Him ...know that He hears and understands the sorrow, the pain but that He is the only answer to every care - despite how we feel. He is Peace, Love, Joy, Comfort and all of those things that we desperately search for outside ourselves.

What do you think of the rain?


two and a half fish guy said...

References in the bible to water are those indicating the Holy Spirit. The fruits of the coming of the Holy Spirit are great so, I say bring them on. I also believe water/rain signifies purification which I know I certainly need. I was told as a child when it rained it was God crying and that sometimes tears brought peace to one's heart.

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Bino M. said...

I love rain... I like it's sound, rhythm. I like to walk barefooted in the rain... like I did in my childhood. Rain always makes me nostalgic...

The only time I don't like rain is when our basement leaks :) Once we fix that, I think I can love rain in every aspect. :)