Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This is the way it is....today

Ok, so I definitely am not patient, or perfect in and of myself....I have a case of my son is home for the summer from school and needs a big shot of motivation to get out there and get a job, or find Jesus ... one or the other would suit me fine.....just having a moment....

Lord, let Your patience show in me to him, and let Your perfection shine through the crevices of my imperfect soul. Strength in this journey comes only from You. Be my strength. Let me turn my thoughts on You when I so often let my thoughts jump into my mouth and out .... give me the words to speak in love to those around me... Let me trust in Your faithfulness and thank You for letting me have feelings and thoughts that are mine...only mine....but let me bring them to You where You will sort and redistribute according to Your thoughts and purpose. Thanks for accepting me when I so do not deserve that gracious gift. Thank You for the peace that is mine in Christ and always there when I need it.

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