Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another good read



By Tod Bolsinger

I am almost finished this book and it has proven to be an interesting read. A lot of fresh thought and a lot of really good ideas and I found it an encouraging read about how as Leighton Ford puts it...."how Christ can show through you in a 'show me' world."

Interesting information from the internet mentioned in the book.

The Declaration of Independence: 1,300 words

The Gettysburg Address: 286 words

The Ten Commandments: 179 words

The Lord's Prayer: 66 words

God so loved the world: 5 words

I forgive you: 3 words

I love you: 3 words

The United States government regulation on the sale of cabbage: 26,911 words

American author, obviously but I didn't have time to convert to a Canadian flavour. The message comes through loud and clear though eh? "Less is better, sometimes."

The author states, "Faith that makes a difference is a simple subject, but it's not an easy one".

More tomorrow on this read.


Anonymous said...

Leighton Ford, was presented an Hon Doctorate from Tyndale when I convocated last May. RoG

Mikey's God Talk said...

Less is better sometimes, I agree with that. All we need is Jesus. Siply Him, He provides all I need.

Mikey <>< <>< <><