Wednesday, April 25, 2007

From The Gate Seldom Found

by Raymond Reid

As a man....named Alistair.....we shall call him Al :) for short began to see Jesus as something different from what he had heard all his life.

"...Like a man healed from lifelong blindness, he began to see portions of the ancient writings in a strange new light. This enlightenment, this new way of seeing swelled from a mere pinhole to an expansive admiration for the humble way Jesus had lived and for the profound wisdom of His parables.........vaguely aware of the intensity of his growing love for Christ. The New Testament church, he realized, as scales of tradition fell from his eyes, had never been about a building, an organization, or an enterprise which, of late, he believed St. Patrick's (his church) was fast becoming."

Yes, I know that experience.

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