Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Judging Others?

Seeing beyond....with the eyes of Christ as well.

T. W. Hunt from The Mind of Christ

"This is why Christians should not judge other Christians. We have no way of knowing exactly how God evaluates us. It is possible that finally, under God, we will see some seemingly successful Christians as pygmies. The opposite is also true."

John Paul Jackson from Breaking Free of Rejection

His test to discover if rejection is empowering your life.

1. Do I anticipate or elicit a negative response from others?
2. When questioned, do I become agitated or angry?
3. Do I need to be considered an expert on almost everything?
4. Am I known for being argumentative?
5. Do I believe that I am on a higher spiritual plane and that my opinions should be favored above others' opinions?
6. Do I experience marked mood swings?
7. Do I do things merely to gain the acceptance or attention of others?
8. Have people told me that I am overly sensitive?
9. Is my mood often dictated by the moods of those around me?
10. Do I overvalue the positive evaluation of others?
11. Do I expect to be overlooked? Do I require special encouragement to participate in anything?
12. Do leaders consider me inconsistent or unreliable?
13. Do I seldom attend a Bible study, social event, party, or blend in with others, because I see myself as different?
14. Do I measure my personal value by the amount of spiritual insight I have?

The author suggests answering "yes" to any of these questions may reveal some roots of rejection in your life.

My thoughts from me

Knowing your identity in Christ....who you are, what He has said in His Word and by His Spirit helps you get through the muck of rejection in your life. If you never have been or felt rejected ..... I think you lie. My opinion. People will always fail you. Get that in your head. Then get past it. He is perfect in everything and He will not fail you. He will not reject you. He will always see you for who you are, not for what you have or have not done. His Love is given freely....not as the world gives. He said it, He has shown me this and it will never be any different. How can one live without this realization is beyond me. The breaking, the woundings, the pain, life, right? else can one live but in the Truth. It is beyond my comprehension.

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Anonymous said...

You hit a vein of gold.

I was a Prodigal son for 20 years...I was cheezed with the Church/ran away... and it was only recently that I realized the problem.

I had my focus on Christian people and not on Christ.

One can save a whole lot of heartache if they keep their eyes on Christ. RoG