Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Again with the Brokenness.....

From John Woodward of Grace Fellowship International

"Jack Taylor said "God has you in the circumstances of his own choosing so He can fix you".

How about this ditty--"God's fixing to fix you, but if you try to fix the fix He's fixing to fix you with, He will find another fix to fix you, until you let the fix He fixed for you fix you." ... So the "fix" we are in (the trials we encounter) are benevolently designed by God through His mysterious providence to "fix us" (by breaking our self-sufficiency and independent will).

Watchman Nee observed two basic barriers to brokenness in the life of the believer. The first is the lack of insight regarding God's providential design behind our difficult circumstances (our "fix"). The second barrier is self-love . Watchman cautioned,"Let us remember that the one reason for all misunderstanding, all fretfulness, all discontent, is that we secretly love ourselves. Many times problems arise due to our seeking a way of escape--an escape from the working of the cross." (Nee, The Release of the Spirit, p.16).

To remove this barrier to brokenness we should sincerely pray: "O my God, I have seen that all things come from You. All my ways these five years, ten years, or twenty years are of You. You have so worked to attain Your purpose, which is none other than that Your life may be lived out through me. But I have been foolish. I did not see. I did many things to deliver myself, thus delaying Your time. Today I see Your hand. I am willing to offer myself to You. Once again I place myself in Your hands." (Nee, p. 16)."

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