Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Shack - William P. Young

Okay, so, I now have a new favourite fiction book...and I use the word fiction loosely here....close running to #1 The Gate Seldom Found.....but as I like to think behind that "Gate" this "Shack"..... from "The Shack" ....written by William P. Young. The way this book got into my hands is a weaving of Master Design....and that story is way too long to even go into. Suffice it to say that it was brought to my attention through an e-mail from the wonderful Dave over at and because of an e-mail to him from my favourite teacher/pastor/brother in the Lord, Frank Friedmann from way down Louisiana way which he passed on. This book was going to be in my hands one way or another....very cool, Papa.

I could not begin to explain the impact of this book on me ... personally, spiritually, and in light of events of my life right now.... although anyone who has experienced pain and suffering, (isn't that all of us?), would have to find this book a page turner...keep the tissues handy and be prepared to read it until completion. I can't wait to read it again and I just finished it this morning, (started it last night). I can't divulge the story but I am so thinking that Papa is especially fond of me...and you too. Don't let the tragedy the characters have to deal with keep you from seeing what this book is really about. I Loved it! Reading some the articles and interviews on the author just reminded me that I am so thankful that I don't fit into a certain group or flavour of thinking.....I pray that He alone will always be my Impetus.

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Anonymous said...

Try dusting off your Bible and then compare "The Shack" to it. You'll find that "The Shack" is not of God but directly from the pit of hell. You should be ashamed.