Friday, November 23, 2007


Ok, so today, my sister is having her fourth....yep, fourth operation in this series called...."What is this about, God?" She is not healing well, and they are continuing to open up the incision to the brain to clean and flush and all that which is well beyond my understanding at this point. She is way stronger than me at this point because between surgeries and rushes to the hospital for complications including an unexpected seizure, leakage and extreme nausea and vomitting, headaches and weariness, she continues to hang tough. Her battle is not over but she continues to bear it. Her radiation is in delay mode because with the open incision it is not possible to have it.

I find myself pondering....why pray?.... why ask those who check in here and know the situation to pray? ....God has orchestrated all of this for His purposes and it is all going according to His plan. Before the foundations of the world and all that....
But I am prompted to ask and therefore I do so.
Thanks for the support. :)

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Anonymous said...

You have hit an arena that saddens me deeply. At best I can pray that our heavenly Father's will be own personal desire is that all are healed....however...I can only pray that His will be done at this moment...I don't fully understand His. My own prayer is that His peace and His love be upon all of your family at this time....I know He honours this.

I love you sis...and my heart aches for you at this time..peace, love, His Joy...and confidence..RoG