Wednesday, June 04, 2008

All For Jesus - Robin Mark

I have a little issue with the title of this beautiful piece of music. My issue - my problem. I would really like to hear a song called "All From Jesus". He will help me work out this theological wording - one day. :)


Walking Church said...

One of my fav tunes as well...His Spirit seems to stirs deep as one affirms our commitment.

I try to change up the word 'for' for 'from' - so it is not only your issue but mine as well.

So much for theology - I know you and I to be passionate for Him and He to us.

three fish guy said...

Perhaps we could start our own musicl group and change the lyrics. I can sing solo ( so low no one can hear me!) Or, I can sing "Fa" ( Far far away!) Chuckle!! Great tune, I love it!
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