Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stuff happening around the area!

Two Events.....Check them out!

A gathering in Him {text directly taken from the meeting of one blog - it is ok, we are all One in Unity :) }.

Who: Children of the most High and those 'Wanna Be's'

What: A gathering of One in Him

Where: Basement of the Belmont Library (Belmont ON)

When: SATURDAY NIGHT June 21st 7 pm - 'til the Spirit sends us home.

Why: To celebrate His Life in Us; encourage, spur one another in His Community and add others to it

Norm and Amy are led to a gathering in Him here in Belmont. All are invited. No cost. Come to be a part of the priesthood of believers and bring someone who Jesus has put on your heart to do so.

Change your world:

Next week in West Lorne. I will be manning a book table on Wednesday night and am looking forward to a new experience of spiritual proportions. The jury is heart is open.


Joel Brueseke said...

I would be there for both events, but I found out about them too late to plan a journey there. ;) Hope these are great events for you and others!

In Christ Alone said...

One of these days of these days....

In Him,


Joel Brueseke said...

A while back Mike Zenker asked me if I wanted to come to Canada during the June 7-8 weekend because Paul Anderson-Walsh was coming. Unfortunately I was heading out of town in the other direction that weekend. Otherwise I would have seriously considered making the trip. As you say, one of these days!