Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Arrogance Arises....

I again have seen a division in a man-made church body. Christian behavior wrapped up in self. Preserving long past rivalries and unrighteousness...... Let me hear some more self-serving stories of how wonderful lives they have had living for God......I choose to live from Him.

What a bunch of hypocrites.

How dare they profess their christianity and then be so hurtful towards others, believers and unbelievers alike. "What a wonderful testimony!"

There is an arrogance in the first families of the "Organized Religious Entertainment Centres", and they need to get real....they need to reach deep inside and find the real Christ within....putting on love, mercy, kindness and all those things that He has brought into our Life because it is Him in our life and nothing else, it is not them in all their years of service, and all their tithing and involvement, that makes them people "of God".

I am kinda p.o.'d if you haven't noticed. It doesn't happen a lot. My saving grace in all of this is that I know that I have a flesh part within me as well that does all kinds of things that are not of Him. BUT, when people live out of the soul - and they are leaders of our young people and they are passing on the junk and the prejudices of themselves to the next just makes me physically ill.....I cry for these people and the innocents that they are influencing.

God, please..... close the ears of those who hear the inconsistencies of these pharisees....I forgive immediately....but God knows how the wounding of the actions of people who have such a strong claim that they are of Him, because they do, do, do, do all of this ...... it is as straw....burned up as Nothing.....Nothing..... because I cannot see Christ.....and I desire, I long to see Christ in His people.

We have the mind of Christ.......why are there so many mindless people in the church?

I thought I was able to put this in its place and not let it send me reeling. I guess not. The enemy would have me seethe......I surrender this to Jesus. He knows....He knows. May my arrogance for thinking that this could not be erased....may He show me we all fall short.....we all fall short, indeed.


three fish guy said...

Well said Sister.... I pray that I am not one of those mindless people in the church.But, if I am I know God forgives me....

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Walking Church said...

It is always comfortable to graze on garlic and onions back in Egypt for those who like a predictable existence - gotta love the chains. gotta feel sorry for those in the chains.