Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Canada Day at the beach

Uncharacteristically of me, I spent the day at the Port Stanley beach on Canada Day with my kids, and my grandkids. You know the first picture says it all......I dislike direct sun beating down on myself. It is invasive and unpleasant. However, I enjoyed the day staying cool under the beach umbrella, a very common sight on the beach anymore and I enjoyed seeing that despite the video games, mp3 players and hi-def television (I don't really know what that means) :), kids are still kids. They love to traipse to the edge of the water and carry bucket full on bucket full of water up to the sand castle area.....they love to dig holes and bury themselves and they still get healthily worn out with fresh air and lots of activity. It was a good day. Not everything was memorable. Sand is messy. Wet sand is really messy. But it was a good day. My kids tolerated my desire to do this for the grandkids and after four phone calls from a four year old and an almost four year old.....what could Grandma do? We went to the beach!

An aside. There are lots of opportunities to question God's creation at the beach. If you have been there lately and are of the older persuasion, you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong - I love the beach on a cool, breezy, autumn day and it was on a beach I came to know the Lord and where I was proposed to......good memories - both......but the beach in the heat of the day is not my scene....interestingly enough, I remained almost chilled under the shade of my beach umbrella and despite the thoughts of what a day at the beach could look like and the thousands of people that showed up after our early morning was well worth the time with the family. Something I will treasure. There will not be many more times that this will occur, with everyone doing their own thing and what have you....I guess that is why it was so precious to me. Just sharing a piece of my life. Thanks for stopping by!


Walking Church said...

Good stuff.

I took the dog for a walk at an old fav for walkingchurch at Archie Coulers early in the morning - lots of deer flies and my feet were soaked from the dew.

I was further down the beach at Port Bruce - lots of fisherman...didn't stay long and I was certainly not in the swim mode.

I miss our quality times as a meeting of one while being the walkingchurch community.

thanks for the update.

In Christ Alone said...

Me too, my brother, me too. :(

In Him,

Aida said...

I understand why you were hidden under that umbrella and hat. We recently went to Disney World and I got my first time ever sunburn. It was on the inside of my ankles. It didn't hurt but it looked ugly and it itched a bit. You're a wise lady.