Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Living at Hebron (2)

..."Hebron became the home of Caleb, one of the greatest warriors of Israel. Friendship with our Father makes us powerful overcomers. Caleb, the faith-filled spy and great Israeli conqueror, asked God for Hebron, the "mountain of friendship," as his inheritance. God granted his request and Hebron, the place of friendship, became the "mountain of the conquering warrior." A warrior heart and a tender heart aren't conflicting. To the contrary, I believe Caleb was a great warrior because of his relationship with God. God, your Father and Friend, wants you, also, to be a conquering intercessor living at Hebron. Out of your relationship with Him, you, too, will be a great overcomer.....

....God will give us victory in every situation as we partner with Him."

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