Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bears, oh my!

When people wanted to kill a bear in the ancient times, they hung a heavy log over a bowl of honey. The bear would push the log away in order to eat the honey. The log would swing back and hit the bear. The bear would become irritated and push the log even harder, and it would return and hit him harder in return. This would continue until the log killed the bear. People behave in the same way when they return evil for the evil they receive from other people. Can't people be wiser than bears?

Leo Tolstoy


Leonard said...

Vanessa, Great analogy here, thanks for sharing.

ps. you can keep the cold weather up there from now on, we've had are fill down here... ha ha..

In Christ Alone said...

Well, Leonard thanks but I would prefer to send it on as with today's last look....-10 F today was enough to pretty much freeze my poor hands off after getting off work at 0630 this a.m. There are no gloves or mittens to keep that cold out and I am thinking of requesting some kind of military stock of regulation attire for working in the Arctic.
I also must say you know you're getting old when the snow and cold feel more like "Oh no!" and not "Yee Haw" like they used to. Brrrr I am learning to abide all things but this cold has long outlived its appeal to me. God loves it, maybe...but I have had my fill. Think kindly of the homeless people and pray that they have been offered some warm lodgings for the night....I just can't imagine their blight.

Leonard said...

Vanessa, I was thinking the same thing about the homeless every time I take my daily hike, because I get all sweaty underneath all my layers of close while I'm walking and I think how grateful I am to have a home to go back to and put on dry close, I don't think I would last to long in this weather...

But hey on the bright side, I talked to Joel today and he lives west of me and said the temps are going up so I get to look forward to some warmer temps in a day or two, if I could I'd send you some....

Best to ya Sis

In Christ Alone said...

Amen brother, on the home to go to. From Joel's lips to God's ears. I think he is west of me as well...although maybe I am more north. Whatever, Enough already of the winter thing!

Back at you,
Best to ya, Brother

In Him,