Monday, February 23, 2009

Love is a person

Found this profound quote in "Today's Christian Woman" Magazine - January and February 1990 Edition

"I never read the Bible as a child, and I expected that it would be full of fire and brimstone. This notion has only been reinforced by hearing one angry, hateful person after another claim to represent all Christians, as they wagged and pounded the Bible. Reading the Bible disabused me of any sense that a hateful person could represent this faith. The book is beautiful and exquisitely written - but it is characterized by one quality that colors every page: love."

- actor Ben Affleck on naming the biblical book of Matthew as one of the books that made a difference in his life, as quoted in O: The Oprah Magazine, August 2008

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Two and a half fish guy. said...

Sometimes people who call themselves Christians only have enough God in them to make them miserable. But God is Love and love is not miserable. Amazing that your post mentions the book of Matthew, as I am starting a bible study on that book today!

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