Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some Good Thoughts

"It’s tough in the desert. It’s bewildering. It’s destructive. It’s hellish. Yet the testimony of the Old Testament, and ever more strongly, of the New, is that out of it comes new growth, new insight, new certainty that a God of love is at home among us." (from This Day's Thoughts)

Charles Elliott

"I have great worth apart from my performance because Christ gave His life for me, and therefore, imparted great value to me. I am deeply loved, fully pleasing, totally forgiven, accepted and complete in Christ.... and you dear Christian....are deeply loved, fully pleasing, totally forgiven, accepted and complete in Christ."


"Man was never created to live by principles but by Life..."



Aida said...

I really like the first quote. We fight going into the wilderness but I've come to believe that the wilderness is a place of quiet and intimacy where it's just us and God. In that alone place, we come to know him more intimately and experience his love more deeply.

In Christ Alone said...

Yes, Aida, sometimes we forget that we are not alone at these times...we may feel lonely...but He is always there whether we feel Him or not. I find that when I soak in Him alone, or as Joseph Prince puts I cultivate His Presence....I begin to know .... truly know in the fullest sense of the word, Him and all He has is in me. There is comfort in those times, and peace and true joy. It only can come from that place that He is.

Thanks for your thoughts...The wilderness is not a bad place to be.

In Him,