Friday, February 24, 2006

The Nightwatch Blog

My purpose of this blog is to share experiences with like minded individuals who love the Lord and are seeking Him with all their heart. He says in His Word, we will find Him if we seek Him in earnest. I am looking at this as an experience to reach out to you and you to reach in to me as together we reach toward the higher things that He has called us to. May He direct and guide and live in and through us as we experience this wonderful Life of Grace together. I am a night worker, ergo the name of the blog. I have freedom in my job to spend a small amount of time to share thoughts and insights that I have, as He leads and guides. I have not arrived! I am most definitely a work in progress. I know that I have been given every blessing needed to live the "abundant life", but I have not even come close to realizing what He wants for each one of His children. I am prayerful that He will direct the discussion of this blog and that as we share together safely and with His purposes first and foremost in those prayers that He will reveal Himself to us in our thoughts and actions and in our living out the life He calls us to.

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