Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Trust Him!

In all things! Really and truly this is what we need to do to experience victorious living in Christ.
J. Packer says it fairly well. "The ultimate reason why God fills our lives with troubles and perplexities of one sort and another - is to ensure that we learn to hold Him fast." He also gives the picture of walking along a clear road feeling great, and someone tries to take our arm to help us out...we don't really need or want that help on that occasion, do we? However, when we are in the dark on a rough country road and a storm is brewing, and we are tired and weary...nice to have someone to thankfully lean on. That is Him, all the time. Just waiting for us to call on Him, He is always there. Trust then, is paramount to our relationship with Him.

Thank You, Jesus that I can trust in You when all else falls around me. Thank You that my heart holds You and that it leaps for You. Thank You that where I am ... You are. You are my life...I love You! I adore You! Your love, Your way is perfect. Thank You that I long for You more and more. Thank You for Your grace. You alone are that One Thing that is needed. Let me fully appropriate the Truth, which is You, Jesus Christ. Let me trust when trusting is the last thing that I think I can do. You are the strength in me, Lord. Let me rest in You and let weariness end. This world has nothing for me. It is You, I treasure. Thank You for this day, it has been a very good day. In Your name, Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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