Sunday, July 23, 2006

Luke 24:30-32

...."Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?"

July 23/ FROM - His Victorious Indwelling....hmmm

Of what value to Christ is outward service, if love be wanting? Of what value to the Bridegroom would the rigid observance of her duties be, if the bride were cold in her heart toward him? A church without heart, is a church without Christ.

Beloved, let us see well to this. Let nothing satisfy us short of the living realized presence of Christ within us. No ministry, however excellent, can supply the lack of this; neither will truth itself nourish the soul, unless the power of Him who is the Truth be present to minister it.

We need to exhort one another respecting this, for these are days when the itching ear is more common than the glowing heart, and the teacher is often more sought than the Lord. Thus Christ is as it were, often supplanted in His own house.

It is not difficult to discern the power of the Lord's presence in our meetings; the unlettered believer is as competent to ascertain this as the most instructed.

The two disciples on their way to Emmaus were very ignorant, but their hearts were occupied with the right object. Christ was the subject of their mutual intercourse as they journeyed on together. They loved Him, they had lost Him, and were sad. Soon He joined Himself to their company, because He knew that they were occupied with Him. His presence was felt, though they knew but little; and their hearts burned within them by the way. So shall we also find it to be the case, if our hearts are occupied with Christ and Him crucified; the presence of the Lord with us will be realized, and our souls will be filled rather with the blessedness of having been with Him, than with questions as to the ministry we may have heard.

We have also to remember, that in one sense we are always in the Church; it is not merely when we assemble together in the Lord's name, that we then form a part of the church of God; but in private, as well as public, we still belong to that body which the Lord has redeemed with His own blood, and consequently our whole life should have constant reference to our union with all the saints of God.


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Amen! Most excellent revelation. We are a pilgrim people...rog