Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Those tears...

Ok, So....I am so over this crazy crying over the drop of a hat...what is it all about?
Depression...nope, don't think so... it is something that is welling up from inside and I FEEL like an idiot. I know I am not an idiot, because yep, I know who I am in Christ and that is not one of the characteristics.... :) I truly do not understand how He can do the miracles and wonders within me that He does and yet He can't take this seemingly unending emotional rollercoaster ride through sorrow and sadness away from me....He may be taking me somewhere....but I don't know where and I am so totally not comfortable in this at all....stomp, stomp, stomp. So today, maybe He gave me something to cry about.... I hurt my big, I was not stomping then....and I really hurt it....ouch, ouch, ouch....and so least the tears have a reason for coming! I hope to post a picture of this hideous looking sore toe, (hey if walkingchurch can show dirty feet...I can show my painful and totally mutilated toe) prepare to be astonished!!!

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Walking Church said...

Dear twinkle toes - you are loved - in Him!