Monday, July 17, 2006

My heart - Christ's heart?

2 Corinthians
Reading through this portion of the Word...makes me realize the ache that is His...He shares and reveals this by His Spirit so easily with me as I am listening and responding to His promptings.

It is with a truly open heart that I cry for those who struggle in this walk of faith, and who do not know You, Lord. You know each heart and it is You alone that will bring them to victory that is found only in You. It is You alone, that brings those who know You not, to Yourself. Why does this heart of mine feel so anguished by that, I wondered .... and You have gone and revealed to me why..... it feels as though it is breaking at times....because it is Your heart within me.... It is your heart for the hurting and the lost....thank You for Your tenderness, Lord....I don't know that I can continue to try to conceal the depth of emotion that comes from You (and maybe You are breaking something free from within me), but I will praise You in this.... for this crusted over and hardened heart is opening up and whew!!....only in Your strength will I make it through the next 5 minutes...let alone looking beyond that. It is a journey of awakening those concerns for others...concerns that now extend beyond myself to every person whose heart You know so well. It distresses my heart...that is the best way to say aches and groans within me, this feeling that they might miss the treasure that I have found in Christ alone. I give this over to with me what You will.

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