Saturday, August 19, 2006

From Dear Lillian

Have you ever doubted His love for you? Especially on a bad day when you were doing everything wrong? Our sinfulness can raise serious doubts in our minds about His love, can it not? Did you ever ask yourself, "What is God ever going to do with a believer as poor as I am?"
Well, if you done this, you have wasted an awful lot of time worrying for nothing.

God chose you long before you were born. And long before you were born, He also took care of your sinful state. Can you grasp this? He took care of your sinful state before He created anything!

When did He do this? At a place where He took care not only of sin, but death, too!

A place where the Lamb who was slain was before the foundation of the worlds (Rev. 13:8).
A marvelous thing happened back in the eternals that was to take care of all of our needs.

Gene Edwards again shares these previous thoughts through his book.... "Dear Lillian". Does this just blow you away? Can you even begin to wrap your mind around this? Somebody started this train of thought and it is charging onward in my mind....the Lamb was there before all creation with the Father, Eternally aware .... The Lamb that would lift us from the fall by the cross and Father gave this Lamb because of His Perfect Love. Can you think on this and not be awed to tears....the works of His Hand....His Power... His Glory.

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