Sunday, August 06, 2006


Aren't these images similar to figuring out this life of Christ in our own strength? I am so thankful that He reveals the Truth to me because there is a lot of junk out there and somedays I feel that He is laughing out loud at the latest and greatest thoughts of the latest and greatest thought-producer. There is just too much out there. It is no wonder some people run as far and as fast as they can away from this religiosity. It shows so much as big business, IF, you allow yourself to be distracted from the real focus. It reminds me that I can back up my self-made thoughts with some "preacher of the day", but if I get lost in all of that.....I am lost in all that. I am aware that there are so many man-made philosophies, and it at times is a daunting task to read through but when you ask for God's all becomes clear. Some of it is just that. Man's attempt to rewrite God's Word. Nope, it will never fly with me.....I chose to stand on the edge of confusion and trust my God who is not the Author of confusion. He leads me to clarity by His Spirit. This is one thing that I am sure of.


Mikey's God Talk said...

Good to be sure, I agree, God will lead by His spirit that dweels within His children. What we need to do is Look and Listen to His direction, forget the man made stuff.

Mikey <>< <>< <><

In Christ Alone said...

Hey Mikey,
The L word again...listening...turning up the hearing aid myself lately... :)
God bless you, brother.