Friday, January 25, 2008


Again brought to light by a brother in Christ.

T. Austin Sparks

"Ministry" is the cause of so much trouble. "My ministry." getting a place of ministry, being able to fulfill our ministry. Oh let it drop. The Lord will test us on this matter. Are we going to hold onto our ministry, our place, what we believe our Divine calling is - hold to it in the strength and tenacity of our own will, our own fleshy conviction that it is what God has called us to? Oh no! If God has called us to anything, He will hold us into it, and we must let it go to Him if there arises a situation in which that is necessary. The Lord will see that the ministry is fulfilled and the position occupied that He wants for us. The thing that is far more than the ministry, and out of which the ministry must come, is that I should be a Christlike man..and we can show Christlikeness in just letting others get into our place in ministry, being very meek about it, not fighting to keep our position. The Lord will look after the rest. (July 1955) "

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