Saturday, January 26, 2008

What were you thinking?

Mr. Tozer ....

I have been thinking recently about how important my thoughts are. I don't have to do wrong to get under blistering conviction and repent. I can lose the fellowship of God and sense of His presence and a sense of spirituality by just thinking wrong. God has been saying to me, "I dwell in your thoughts. Make your thoughts a sanctuary in which I can dwell. See to it." You can't do anything with your heart--that is too deep--but you can control your thoughts....

Your theology is your foundation. The superstructure is your spiritual experience built on that foundation. But the high bell towers where the carillons are--those are your thoughts. And if you keep those thoughts pure the chimes can be heard ringing out "Holy, Holy, Holy" on the morning air.

Make your thoughts a sanctuary God can inhabit, and don't let any of the rest of your life dishonor God. See to it that not a foot of ground is unholy. See to it that every hour and every place is given over to God, and you will worship Him and He will accept it.


Anonymous said...

I Am So Not Worthy; But He Is.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting post considering what I have been reading lately. Just finished up Bondage Breaker - Neil T. Anderson (Highly Recommend) and one of the thoughts that was conveyed is that when we are confronted with a temptation by Accuser of the Brethren - we ought to call out, literally, upon the Name of Jesus. By doing so it evokes His Victory into your situation.

Since learning this..I must have to admit I have done both at different times. When I have called out to Jesus there was victory. Another time I was confronted with temptation - I choose NOT to call out upon His Name. I knew very well I was operating in the 'flesh'; going back to old patterns living apart from God...and I knew it. My rebellion was strong and I choose the not victorious route.

This has been quite a revelation to me. The choice is mine - the victory is His. I am learning to live in this new economy of victory. I have hardly arrived...but we are going in the right direction.

The book also revealed to me how much Satan is a slime-ball puke to put it nicely. He comes with the temptation and says such things as 'you won't get caught, 'no one will get hurt', 'you will enjoy it'...blah, blah blah...whatever lie you want to buy and will line your ears with what you want to hear. Then as soon as you take the bait (and sin); He stands before our Father and says 'oh look at your Son/daughter, so see how weak they are' (Satan is the great accuser of us before God) and these feelings cause us enormous guilt and shame.

This is an endless cycle if we let it go. But we can kill it if we choose.

Anderson suggests that we stand before God and accuse Satan of what he is truly guilty of ...'Father of all lies'; 'Evil Tempter of the Church' etc. We must stand fast in who God tells us who we are in Christ.

Bit of a long quote: but hopefully someone might experience some victory through my baby steps.

~8) The Postal Pastor