Monday, January 28, 2008

"Sparks" from a friend

From T. Austin Sparks

What Paul is saying so emphatically. . .is. . that when you meet a truly Spirit-indwelt and Spirit-governed man or woman, what they say comes out of their life - is a very part of their life. Their teaching can be seen to have been wrought into their history and their experience. When that man or that woman seeks to teach, to 'minister', to say something to someone else of a Christian character, its known that it has come out of some secret history with God, something that the Holy Spirit has done in them. Their ministry and their character are identical...

....That 'ministry' with Paul is nothing less than, nothing other than, what is true of Christ coming out of the life of His servants, of His people; being there, and coming out'

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GuyMuse said...

Great quote, right on!