Friday, March 07, 2008

Check it out!

For those who don't know about the book "The Shack", you obviously don't read my blog..... :) I still consider this one of my favourite books and am reading it again and again and giving it to those who cross my path and don't quite understand or realize the Greatness of God and His Great and Wondrous Love for us. The Trinity is recognized as Separate and One in this "fictional" novel and the portrayal of our Loving Father, Faithful Friend and Consummate Comforter is just outstanding. If you didn't get the message....I loved this book. Now my on-line pastor :) is featuring the following. Check it out if you aren't busy ..... I will be and I wish I could be there but...Baton Rouge is a little too far for the commute, at least this Sunday!

Sent to me from my brother in Christ - Dave Lesniak, (an unassuming powerhouse for the furthering of the message of Truth and Freedom in Christ.

Pastor Frank Friedmann wants to invite all of you to a free, LIVE conference this coming, Sunday morning and evening which will be broadcast on Movement of Grace New Covenant Web TV.

William P. Young, Author of, of the book, The Shack will be speaking at Grace Life Fellowship.

Specific times: 9:30 AM / CENTRAL; 11:15 AM / CENTRAL & 6 PM / CENTRAL {Question & Answer Session}

To be a part of this, simply go to the website for, Movement of Grace New Covenant Web TV > & click, on "VIEW LIVE".


Joel Brueseke said...

That's very cool. I know that you, Frank, Dave, Steve McVey and so many other people have highly recommended the book. I've had an interesting online discussion about it and Divine Nobodies, and I continue to be interested in hearing what others have to say about it. I've still got The Shack on my list of books to read, although fiction is usually not my thing. Recommendations often go a long way... :)

mike said...

it's on my list to read... one of the these days

do you know if the conversation will be recorded... i am away all weekend

In Christ Alone said...

Dear Joel
Fiction based on it and take yourself out of that C.L. box :) is a beautiful account of Papa, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and how they could very possibly interact as One. Also illustrates the very real deepness of Love that God has for his creation.

Pastor Mike,
Brother Dave says it very well will be recorded.....and I can let you know if I hear any more about it. Thanks for checking in. Enjoy your weekend, may the weather be with you :)

In Him,