Saturday, March 01, 2008

Jesus - The One Thing

More on "The Last Addiction" by Sharon A. Hersh

"Their land is full of idols" (Isaiah 2:8) NIV.

"After all that's what addiction really is - it is worship. No matter how sophisticated or crude, any given addiction is a person, place, substance, activity, or ideology that becomes central to a human being's mind, body, soul, and spirit. Whether it is alcohol or religious activity, addiction is at work when something or someone begins to affect the style and nature of all aspects of a person's life and interacts with all of his or her activities. The etymology of the word gives insight into its idolatrous nature. Addiction is from the Latin word addictus, which means "to surrender to the gods."

"....Addiction goes deeper than obsession and compulsion. It is worship. It is giving my heart and soul over to something that I believe will ease my pain and provide an outlet for my fury at being out of control in a world that hurts me, scares me, or leaves me alone."

The author hedges a little at the beginning of the book.....
My thoughts....perfect only in Him....

One key to this author's relationship....with God, with others and self. I love how she capitalizes Love.....Love is? - or more accurately God is?..... Yes, Love.
Finding substitutes for the One True Thing in relationships of any kind (with others or things, substances etc.) and expecting everything from that relationship is only looking for disappointment and betrayal. Selling ourselves to something less than Himself (not just talk, talk, talking about it, makes for a long trip to nowhere. When Love, (Jesus) becomes the one Reward of our hearts and lives becoming our Life, is it not allowing Him to give Himself, to all aspects of our Life, of our relationships. Does that mean we never fall....hmmmm, not based on my experience....but I do know one thing and this was noted in this book as well Julian of Norwich wrote about her own experience of opening herself up to Love..... "If there be anyone on earth, who is continually protected from falling, I do not know, for it was not revealed to me. But this was revealed, that in falling and in rising we are always preciously protected in one love." That to me is the essence.....the One Thing.... the One Love, One in Him.

I tell so many lies and hear so many lies about addictions.....we all do ....don't go excluding yourself.....anything that takes the place of Christ in our an addiction.....Christ is the One Thing and He is (or if He isn't?), He can be your Life. Does that make us perfect? You bet it does! But only in and of ourselves....which continually gets in the way....imperfection at its best.

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From a secular prespective; "Huey Lewis And The News" sang a song containing the lyrics "I'm addicted to Love". Not a bad thing I think for Jesus is Love. Since Jesus dwells within us through the Indwelling of His Holy Spirit Then Love is Within us. So.... I am addicted to Love; Sue me?

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