Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday

Pinafore Park

The geese.
Some of my personal reflections in pictures on this Palm Sunday as organized religiosity has so labelled it. It was a great morning....grey and overcast and not too cold. There is still tons of snow around but maybe some sun this afternoon will take care of some of it. I checked out the paths at the local Park this a.m. ... everything hushed except the odd duck calling me over their way...and a few birds...definitely not robins.... :) I did see some yellow coloured leaves in this part of the park but nothing poking through all that snow. Wishful thinking I guess and the paths were not great for walking.

The other pictures are from my back yard.....mine and 80 other people's but no one was out there....very quiet creek running out there and not much wildlife to be seen. Trees bare and cold looking. We do have a lot of nature behind this big old apartment building but it wasn't showing itself to me today.

Just some glimpses of pictures I have started taking. My reflections on this Life in Him, this morning as I wandered in His Creation.

Oh and a bonus picture of some waffles and daughter and her boyfriend treated all of us to this a.m. Very nice and very yummy....even without good old Canadian maple syrup. :)

A nice Palm Sunday to be sure.

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Walking Church said...

We should have had walkingchurch at your place!

Pt Bruce was good. No breaky though.


ps Nice snaps.