Monday, March 06, 2006

He is the Strength!

I know now, something I was not totally aware of for a very long time that Jesus is strength in my weakness. As He lives and moves and has His Being within me, He does through me what I cannot. He displays His power through me. His Word says that there is nothing He cannot handle. I trust Him and His Word.
I do struggle at times thinking that this could not be for me. I am a wretch and I think as a wretch sometimes. But when He lifts me out of this untruth and reminds me of who I am in Him, I remember to claim the promises He has made and He lives out, in and through me. He has already forgiven me for being so forgetful and thus we move into the next glimpse of His reflection to the world around me, in me and through me.
Lord, You have called me and everything in me wants to live in You, apart from everything and everyone else. I feel, at times, overwhelmed by the things of this life on earth but when I remember that it is Your supernatural strength and power within me that allows me to be in this world, I know that in all things You are there. What strength is this? His strength! The strength of Jesus Christ, my God and my King.

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