Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It all begins at the cross

I have been enjoying a new worship C.D. by Charlie Hall. It has been very enlightening to me, but what impressed me more was what he said on the insert. I have taken the liberty to paraphrase a little but these are his words and I thank him for his realness and sharing so openly about our wonderful Jesus.
"It begins at the cross...the life of satisfaction and freedom. We come to understand at some point that we are weak, too weak to live life on our own. Our next understanding comes when we realize the cross, Jesus, and that God alone is the satisfier of our deep need. As we truly understand this need for Jesus, and the work that took place on the cross to set us free, it permeates us at our core. It deepens our hunger for the person of Jesus. It frees and releases us from this world and the things that entangle our souls. We begin craving life in Him and with Him. It becomes an addiction, giving us an intense desire that surpasses emotion, to be intimate with Jesus, commune with the Holy Spirit, and make God famous in all the earth. Even in our failures, and weaknesses, something rises up that screams. "I am starving for Jesus. I need Him. I love Him with all of me."
He is the answer for the world. He fills us and satisfies us beyond comprehension, as we let Him do the work in our lives and we learn to commune with Him. In this place gratitude and faith rise up and we begin to see that there are others that desperately need to be set free. Some that need freedom are those that have never known God and His love before. Others are children of His that are living like orphans completely bound. This is where we learn to weep. God we need You alone. There is intimacy and satisfaction in Jesus. The cross needs to be realized as the power to have broken sin and saved us.
The invitation is given by Jesus

Accept His invitation. He draws you unto Himself. Each of us has a desperate need to know Him. Have you come to that place of revelation? In Him is freedom!

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