Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Humility by Andrew Murray

Oh my goodness! I have just started reading this amazing book. I have read snippets of articles on this saint but oh the joy, that reading this is giving me. I feel like renaming this blog "saints of the burning hearts".

Anyway, just a quick peek at an introduction done on Murray by Harold J. Chadwick in which he says,
"Although dead, Andrew Murray's ministry (I add, Christ's ministry through Andrew), continues to live in the multitude of books he has written such as 'Humility". Each of his books is intended to lead the reader deeper into Christ, into that inner Holy of Holies where only the hungry venture, and where only the sanctified stay. It is the place where Christ stands and beckons to each of us, "Come all you who are weary and heavy laden..." It is the place where Murray went and where he urges us to follow with him and all those that A.W. Tozer once referred to as "the saints of the burning hearts." "

The book, so far, is truly a revelation from God to me. I love this life! This is life in Christ, when goose bumps form on the goose bumps because He speaks to me in so many different ways, when I least expect it through so many venues, when I am down and weary, through others and blogs and people I don't even know, through the Word, through His Spirit, through nature, through life itself. What a wondrous thing it is to read on other's thoughts and turn to God and have Him speak His Life and Love for me through the words of others.

I truly am His, despite this ranting, you may or may not understand. He is revealing a life that is hidden in Him, He thrills me so and makes all this around me make sense. Do you understand? Wow!

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