Friday, June 16, 2006

The Gate Seldom Found

Thoughts and quotations drawn from a historical, fiction novel...THE GATE SELDOM FOUND by Raymond Reid. This book is a keeper and I am finding that it is a gem that God pointed out to me alone although the interweavings of this revelation are far-reaching. He is an amazing and wonderful Father.

Are we not simply Christians following the path set down by Jesus? Part of a brotherhood of believers. Free to serve God without any tradition. The New Testament believers never took a label. Do we need one?

"Jesus' last prayer was a plea that His followers might all be one. Having a label promotes a sense of ' I'm different than you' or even I'm better than you. That kind of thinking leads to divisions. If people would abandon their labels and dogmas - and come together in the Spirit of Christ - we'd have unity."

More on this book to come, for sure. Not quite done reading but it is for me, not fiction to me but a Truth inspired work on living this life that is Christ.

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Walking Church said...

Yup -Abba has an amazing ability to feed his children with just the right resource/book/person at just the right time in our journey. He is faithful. Happy trails - RoG