Friday, June 23, 2006

My Cave, my refuge.

I have been thinking of moving. What do you think?

Romans 8 : 35-39


Walking Church said...

Are you eating honey and locusts too? When does walkingchurch come to visit?

Mikey's God Talk said...

Nice cave, does it have seperate rooms so we both can go in to live? God is in there waiting for both of us. I do have an abundance of cave supplies and am an expert cave dweller!

Mikey <>< <>< <><

In Christ Alone said...

You two are too funny....solitude
was what I was going for... but ain't that just like the Church... not letting me be alone in my obvious bad choices ... Room for all as long as you bring some cheesecake oops I mean honey and locusts ...I am very down with that. I do love John the Baptist's whole countenance though. I think I would have really liked him. Walkingchurch is welcome anytime, and Mikey...hey bro I am most definitely praying for you, LOL, but do you have some pointers...about the cave dwelling, seriously! LOL
The way to the cave is...oops gotta ya soon!

Child of the King said...

OK, now I'm feeling left there still room for more? For everything there is a season. A time to be alone with our Maker and a time to uphold and uplift one another. I am so glad that my Saviour has given me great company to rub shoulders with (or share a cave with) Sorry girlfriend, I guess this isn't your place to hide out in quiet solitude. Besides what would I do without you? Love you too much to let least until our journey together is at a temporary end!

In Christ Alone said...

It was a given that you would be there my dear friend...we need to keep each other from letting the crazy ladies from having too much fun together...only one of them is invited at a time might be a good idea though, ok?! Cancel that rules...might be fun for the (----->pointing at the others in the cave) rest of the group. You are always welcome in my cave....invitation not needed. Well, gang...looks like we have the priestly quintet... so far...anyone else? Close quarters...but the atmosphere is heavenly :)

Be prepared to be blessed.

The Righteousness of God said...

Does your cave have 'art'- hand paintings or hunting animal images on the wall? Does it echo much..much...much..much? The phone call..mmmm...was it Comissioner Gordon? Where do you park the Batmobile? or are you more like Catwoman (Cot King)with a cycle? These questions cause me enormous grief...pondering...(ROAR-ing out loud) RoG

The Righteousness of God said...

Ah yes this is the 'Gate seldom found!' You gotta get better bros. and sis. in Christ....check my comment below in your broken post...RoG