Wednesday, June 14, 2006


You know what .... I am not under any code of conduct, behaviour, style, methodology, list, rules to live by.... and that means I am gloriously free to rant today.

Some people really rile my unusually calm demeanor and today is one of those days. I shall not go into any particular detail because Jesus has asked me not to .... but I am weary of stupidity in and around my life. Sorry.... that is the way I feel at this particular moment in time today.

I shall continue to stomp my feet and lift my voice in total and absolute frustration for a little while longer and then, I know He will gently and lovingly remind me of who I am in Him, and how the things of this world....shall pass away.... and I shall accept again how forgiven I am for being so human and all will be well.....again, soon.


Child of the King said...

In spite of all that He sees down here, in this world that He Himself created, He continually reaches out to us to "Come to Him", "His yoke is easy" and "He wants to give us rest." How loving and compassionate is our Saviour to see beyond the obvious, outer layers, to that deep secret place within our created being. Oh how He longs to have us long for Him alone. He will go to any length to not only save us but to keep us, even if it is from ourselves. Keep your eyes on Him and know that He cares about each one of us in our stupidity and all. Love ya girlfriend!

The Righteousness of God said...

This world isn't our home! It's more than okay to feel out of place - I do!