Monday, November 27, 2006

Imagine That!

My thoughtful and insightful brother, J. Samuel Thomas reading absolutely wonderful for him. This is from his blog. Never think you are not being read in the blogosphere. Your thoughts because of Christ in you.....touch others.

"Yet Another Profound Statement From T. Austin Sparks."

The True Church Now With Christ In Heaven

"Why am I saying that? Because it is of very great practical application and value. For the Church is a heavenly body, seated with Him (Eph. 2:6). We therefore need have no moment’s worry about the true Church.

Come down to the earth and see how men worry about their ‘church’, and their churches, and their ‘things’. They have got to look after the ‘thing’: they have got to take care of it, they have got to keep it. They are the custodians of this thing, and they watch jealously and fiercely over it. What a lot of worry they have, and what a lot of trouble—just because it is something on the earth that has got to be looked after.

What a grand thing it is, then, to be in the realm of the heavenly Church, where there is no need to worry about trying to preserve something and keep it going and see that it does not pass out!

There is nothing of that at all about a work that is a heavenly work, that is united with Christ in Heaven. There is all the difference when you are on heavenly ground. You need not worry or fret to try and keep the thing going, lest it should break down, and you would be left without your ‘pet’, without the thing for which you spent all your time and your resources.

A heavenly thing is in the custodianship of One Who—thank God—is above all these things, and at rest."

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Walking Church said...

Makes one wonder who's church it really is as you watch others 'perform' here on mud ball called earth. Yes we know who the bride truly belongs to.

I was reading Sparks and something that caught my attention and you hit on it is the 'eternal'-ness of the church. The other thing is her role which to simply proclaim Christ for whom he said he was and appropriate and fall in love with Him.