Sunday, December 24, 2006

The 200th Post

Over the last year, there has been much commentary and sharing of commentary and ideas and frustrations and events and thoughts, dreams and desires. Yep, I know ..... I never really go too deep but maintain that calm, cool exterior that you have all come to love and appreciate. :)

I really never thought that I had so much to say about mostly my life....but I have come to a place where I have much to say about my LIFE.....which is Jesus Christ in me and through me and around me. Not that I impose .... but I do like to share. :) (at least on this blog, some might add.....I can't help it...I am more introspective and reflective and not so much open and communicative in the conversations I have throughout my day that is really His day). :)

How appropriate that this Christmas Eve Day, 2006 should be my 200th posting.

How much I appreciate and love each one of you that turns to this a sort of more or less regularity and gleans what little there is to glean. I am here with Him..... and you have helped me come to this place. The community... the fellowship and the Truth that is shared is unmatched in the rest of this life that is mine in this world. There is a difference, an understanding, a kinship that comes from knowing this One ..... I have come to know Him in this season of my life.

I thank you all....and extend all the love and warmth that He births from me at this time as we stop to recognize this great Love and Grace that is Jesus, born not so long ago into a humanity that He embraced for you and for me.

May you each enjoy this time of celebration with family and friends and enjoy Life as it was meant to be.....abundant and free, wherever you be.....know that you are loved and thought of and prayed for. (I do this as much as I can but He always does it perfectly).

God's rich and bountiful blessings are upon us all. What a wondrous Life this is!


The Righteousness of God said...

How did you come up with 200? It is tracked on the blog?

Yup - cool to be living stones on an eternal journey. RoG

In Christ Alone said...

Are you asking?, on the dashboard it tells me how many posts there have been.
All these questions and I really know so little about this blogging thing despite the 200 posts. :)
Merry Christmas RoG...I unlike you, did not make it to OREC this a.m. but had a wonderful time in the Lord right here ..... :)
I am attending a Christmas Eve Service tonight, however, and will keep you in prayer. Such a rabble-rouser....LOL.
Some Christmas traditions are so nice to be completely done and over with .... but some are still pretty cool. Talk to you cyber space.
Always and only because of Him

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 200th, and a wish for many more 200's to come! Keep on sharing... Blessed are the bloggers... I think that's how the New Contemporary Revised Standard International Living Message Bible Version puts it... for they shall inspire the earth (and all its inhabitants)!

Really it's a joy to read your posts - the honesty of working it out (as we all are) and the meaningful revelations of truth.

Merry Christmas!

Walking Church said...

Rats! I only have 194! Thanks for the dashboard clue - I wasn't aware. I wonder how 'hislifeinme' is doing? Roaring. Good thing it is not performance based.

I agree with JSBREEZE's comments above. ICA - I hit your site frequently. I have been blessed to by Jesus who I see living in you.

I pray that you will be victorious over your OREC experience Christmas Eve experience! Belly slapping on the floor rolling over in pain with laugher. RoG